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Cleaning records

Posted on April 29th, 2012 by tonieee


I love listening to vinyl because of the procedure you have to go through of getting the record out, putting it on the record player and dropping the needle onto it. It is so much more satisfying than just pressing play on an mp3 player.

One of the thinks I like the most about vinyl is cleaning them and I just got an lp out to play and I got really excited when I realised it needed cleaning!

I’ve got three record cleaning devices: a carbon fibre brush for everyday cleaning, a Nagaoka rolling cleaner for when records are a bit dirties and a cloth which is for records that are really filthy – it usually only gets used on charity shop records.

My favourite is the Nagaoka – it’s got a lovely yellow, sticky roller thingy – but it does cover the record in static which attracts loads of dust so I have to clean it again with the brush. But that’s okay cos it means I get to clean the same record twice!

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