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Posted on April 14th, 2012 by tonieee

My name is tonieee – well almost but everybody calls me tonieee except my folks and people at work and have done for about 20 years.

I play music in some indiepop bands: Plouf! and The Parallelograms. I also used to play in some other bands too that aren’t really going anymore: Velodrome 2000 and Hello, How Are You?.

I live in Walkley in Sheffield because it’s quite a cool place to live and my house is there. I live with Jo, my wife, and our son Ralph.

Besides pop music I like reading science fiction (my favourite authors are Ursula Le Guin, Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov), watching Doctor Who (which isn’t really science fiction) and robots. I like computers a lot (and I program computers for a living) – if you get me on to the subject while I’m drunk I’ll bore you for two hours about the importance of free software or why Facebook is destroying the internet. Oh and the other thing I like is beer. Lots of beer.